Toxic Behaviour

Today I watched a 3 minute video of Kristen Bell on a talk show explaining how the first 3 months of her relationship with her now husband Dax Shepard started. In it, she describes that for the first 3 months, every time they had an argument she would revel in her dramatic exits. She would … More Toxic Behaviour

Love Yourself First

Quite a few months ago, I was wrapped in a whirlwind romance. He came into my life like a tornado, stripping back all my layers of caution and swept me off my feet, until I landed flat on my face, heart in my hands. Upon reflection, I now recognize the aged old truth that, “one … More Love Yourself First

Synchronicity in Life

I’ve had a lot of interesting coincidences happen to me lately. If you’ve read my blog on getting dealt an awkward hand in life, you’ll know how interesting they can get. Over the weekend another interesting encounter occurred which prompted me to write this blog. I had dinner with a girl-friend of mine (we shall … More Synchronicity in Life

A Victim of Abuse.

This morning at work, I received a call from a young woman. “I was assaulted by my partner,” she whispered in tears. It was completely unrelated to the reason she was calling and I was not expecting such honesty. I was taken aback and had no idea what to do. What do you do when … More A Victim of Abuse.

When You’re Dealt a Pretty Awkward Hand in Life…

On Wednesday night I was dealt a pretty awkward hand in life… Picture this: Newly single, you’ve made plans at the last-minute to go out for dinner with a good friend to a swanky restaurant. When you get there the waiter guides you to your table, unaware of the disastrous decision he’s made for your … More When You’re Dealt a Pretty Awkward Hand in Life…