Toxic Behaviour

Today I watched a 3 minute video of Kristen Bell on a talk show explaining how the first 3 months of her relationship with her now husband Dax Shepard started. In it, she describes that for the first 3 months, every time they had an argument she would revel in her dramatic exits. She would … More Toxic Behaviour

Love Yourself First

Quite a few months ago, I was wrapped in a whirlwind romance. He came into my life like a tornado, stripping back all my layers of caution and swept me off my feet, until I landed flat on my face, heart in my hands. Upon reflection, I now recognize the aged old truth that, “one … More Love Yourself First

A Victim of Abuse.

This morning at work, I received a call from a young woman. “I was assaulted by my partner,” she whispered in tears. It was completely unrelated to the reason she was calling and I was not expecting such honesty. I was taken aback and had no idea what to do. What do you do when … More A Victim of Abuse.