Synchronicity in Life

synchronicities615I’ve had a lot of interesting coincidences happen to me lately. If you’ve read my blog on getting dealt an awkward hand in life, you’ll know how interesting they can get. Over the weekend another interesting encounter occurred which prompted me to write this blog.

I had dinner with a girl-friend of mine (we shall call her Chloe) and we were having such a great time that we didn’t want the night to end just yet, so we decided to stop into a friend’s new bar for a night cap. While standing at the bar, I happened to notice a ruggedly handsome gentleman standing to my left. Coincidentally, he noticed me too. It was only for a few minutes, but we were both acutely aware of each other’s presence.

After receiving our cocktails and with a sly smile to the right, Chloe and I made our way upstairs, overlooking the bar area we had just come from. Engaging in a conversation with my friend became increasing difficult as I noticed the ruggedly handsome man consistently looking up towards me. Prompted by Chloe, I held his gaze for a second or two and smiled. Five minutes later he was up the stairs to the left of me, however he didn’t come up to me. He stayed and chatted to some friends for two minutes and then returned to his mate and his mate’s girlfriend. As soon as he got to them, he immediately began looking back up at me for another few minutes. He mentioned something to his friends and they all looked up at the same time.


Awkwardly and with the biggest smile I could muster, I waved at them and they all smiled and waved back. Surely, I thought, we were both on the same page.

No… Apparently not.

They started making their way towards the door and by this stage I was really confused by the situation. Suddenly, the girl-friend of his mate looks up towards me and mouths the words, “Bowery, come to the Bowery.” Surely she wouldn’t have said that if he wasn’t interested, right? So why didn’t he come up and talk to me? He was right there, I was right there. We did the eye flirt thing and I practically fell over the balcony waving at him – haha.

He left and I resigned myself to not worrying about it. I surely wasn’t going to head to the Bowery – how much of a stalker would I be? So instead, we decided to finish our cocktails and head home. On the way to the cab line, we got distracted talking and decided to have one more cocktail at a different bar. We were probably there for half an hour before deciding to head back to the cab line.

Would you believe my luck if I told you that that ruggedly handsome man had reached the exact same cab line a few seconds before me and was now standing right next me?

Yep… That’s right.

If you don’t know, Brisbane Valley/City has numerous cab lines on almost every street. The likelihood of both of us ending up at the same one after leaving at completely different times is utterly bewildering.

His first words as he threw me a devilish smile were, “You’ve got to stop stalking me,” to which I burst into fits of girlish giggles.  We chatted for a few minutes and I was sure that this was no mere coincidence. I was sure that the stars had aligned specifically for this moment so we could meet like this again. We bantered and flirted and I asked him to have a drink with us before he left but he said, “I really have to wake up early in the morning,” which was why he was going home. Feeling slightly rejected I waited for him to ask for my number, or Facebook or Instagram or anything… But he didn’t, he got into that cab and then he left and I never saw him again.

I told a friend about this encounter the next day and asked her why these weird coincidences kept happening to me and she pointed me in the direction of Synchronicity in life. She describes it as things falling into place naturally when you are going along the right path in life. In other words, things just sync up when you learn to embrace life and be open to all it has to offer. Opportunities will arise that you can either encourage, or reject. Extraordinary Situations will occur to help you grow in life if you choose to see the lessons in them. She described his reactions throughout the night as closing himself off to the synchronicity of his life. Either that, or he found our conversation dreadfully boring and had to get out of there fast… HA!


I’ve now become incredibly curious about this synchronicity of life, which has been a huge thing for me since January 2016 when I made some major life choices. I’ve also noticed a significant increase in synchronistic events since this January as well, when I again made some major life changes that have steered me onto this path.

Have you experienced similar happenings? Have you noticed things sort of just falling into place? Or coincidences occurring that you thought couldn’t possibly be random? Does it happen when you feel like you’re on the right path in life?

And when things like that do happen, do you take it as a sign? Do you seek a deeper meaning from it? Or do you just put it down to a silly coincidence? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? That fate and destiny really do exist? Or do you believe that you are in control?

Personally, I believe that the big man up there is guiding me through life and that opportunities will occur that can lead to something if I let it happen or it won’t if it shouldn’t happen. If something doesn’t lead to something else then it was for a good reason that it didn’t. Like this ruggedly handsome man not pursuing these aligning stars. Perhaps I was saved from some future heartache… Who knows?

Of course your choices in life play a huge role in what is brought your way. So I didn’t push it because I didn’t want to, it felt like it should of occurred naturally.

Perhaps that is the lesson for today… When you are on the right path and happy with life and what you are doing with it, then things will occur naturally. People, places and situations will arise and you won’t need to force the outcome. Just be you and do you and it will all work out in the end as it should.






2 thoughts on “Synchronicity in Life

  1. Ha! That guy sure missed out! Synchronicity is quite odd, For me things have been lining up rather well and flowing very smoothly the pieces seem to fall into place. I lean towards there’s a logical explanation for everything. Although Im not a true “believer” Its nice to take note of !


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