The Fallen Woman

In the Victorian era, fallen women or prostitutes were caused because of class, social conditions and essentially wanton men, who were rarely ever brought to justice. In Tess of D’Urbevilles by Thomas Hardy, we gain an insight into Victorian literature that spoke out about these gender and social norms, causing serious controversy within the Victorian … More The Fallen Woman

Synchronicity in Life

I’ve had a lot of interesting coincidences happen to me lately. If you’ve read my blog on getting dealt an awkward hand in life, you’ll know how interesting they can get. Over the weekend another interesting encounter occurred which prompted me to write this blog. I had dinner with a girl-friend of mine (we shall … More Synchronicity in Life

A Victim of Abuse.

This morning at work, I received a call from a young woman. “I was assaulted by my partner,” she whispered in tears. It was completely unrelated to the reason she was calling and I was not expecting such honesty. I was taken aback and had no idea what to do. What do you do when … More A Victim of Abuse.